• faculty

  • Matthew Roller

    Professor of Classics and Interim Chair of Anthropology

  • Alessandro Angelini

    Assistant Professor

    • Mergenthaler 457
    • Research Interests: urban anthropology, social inequality, capitalism, imagination, play and everyday life, art, craft, political economy, historical ethnography, anthropological method; Latin America, Brazil, Atlantic World
  • Veena Das

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor

    Honorary Doctorates from the University of Bern and Durham University UK; elected to Fellowship of the British Academy (2019)
    • 410-516-0630
    • Mergenthaler 441
    • Research Interests: Everyday life, ethics, anthropology and philosophy, urban transformations, poverty, violence, gender, social suffering, aesthetics, South Asia, Europe
  • Michael Degani

    Assistant Professor

    • 410-516-5482
    • Mergenthaler 458
    • Research Interests: African Studies, Urbanism, Energy and Electrification, Infrastructure, Popular Economies, Socialism and Postsocialism, China-Africa Relations, Anthropology of the State.
  • Niloofar Haeri


    • 410-516-5442
    • Mergenthaler 462
    • Research Interests: Islamic prayers and experiences of religiosity, gender, ritual and language, public appearance and notions of modesty among Jews, Christians and Muslims, social history of moral values in Iran since early 20th century; language ideology, vernacularization and modernity. Egypt, Iran and the Middle East
  • Clara Han

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

    • 410-516-2864
    • Mergenthaler 463
    • Research Interests: Violence, care, urban poverty; affliction and illness experience; death and dying; everyday life; ethnography; Latin America; United States; East Asia
  • Naveeda Khan

    Associate Professor

    • 410-516-7274
    • Mergenthaler 460
    • Research Interests: riverine society, nature philosophy and nature in Islamic theology, migration and memory, global warming and everyday life, animal-human relations, framings of the future, national and global climate governance, Bangladesh and Bonn
  • Tom Özden-Schilling

    Assistant Professor

    • 410-516-4690
    • Mergenthaler 459
    • Research Interests: Vocation, precariousness, mobility, Indigeneity, science and technology studies, political ecology, North America, history and philosophy of science, bureaucracy and the state, climate change, simulation, rural anthropology, visual media
  • Anand Pandian


    • 410-516-7267
    • Mergenthaler 454
    • Research Interests: Ecological and philosophical anthropology; sensory ethnography and experimental writing; posthumanist and postcolonial criticism; environmental ethics; anthropological method; India, America, Earth
  • Deborah Poole


    • 410-516-5228
    • Mergenthaler 469
    • Research Interests: Political, legal, environmental, and visual anthropology; anthropology of the state and expertise; visual technologies; photography and racial thought in Latin America; Mexico; Peru
  • affiliated faculty

  • Jeremy Greene

    Professor of Medicine, Professor of the History of Medicine, Chair in the History of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    • Research Interests: Biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, media studies, medical anthropology; global health; history of disease/
  • Paola Marrati

    Professor of Humanities, joint appointment in Dept. of Philosophy, Director of the Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

  • Erica J. Schoenberger

    Professor; Department of Geography Environmental Engineering

  • Todd Shepard

    Associate Professor, History, Co-Director, Program in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

  • Dimitrios Yatromanolakis

    Associate Professor; Department of Classics

  • post-doctoral fellows

  • Nicole Labruto

    Nicole Labruto

    Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate Director, Hopkins Ecological Design Initiative

    • Mergenthaler 461
    • Research Interests: Agriculture, energy, plant-human relations, science and technology studies, anthropology of sustainability, environmental anthropology, Brazil, Mozambique, Latin America, Africa, Lusophone studies
  • Canay Özden-Schilling

    Mellon Sawyer Postdoctoral Fellow

    • Mergenthaler 456
    • Research Interests: Markets and capitalism, electricity and energy, science and technology studies, infrastructures of modernity, environmental anthropology, the United States, the Middle East.
  • professors emeriti

  • Jane Guyer

    Academy Co-Chair and Professor
    George Armstrong Kelly Professor, Anthropology

    • Research Interests: Social and economic anthropology, money and culture, household and gender; West Africa
  • Pamela Reynolds

    Professor Emerita

    • Research Interests: Ethnography of children and youth—labor, healing, ethics; state violence; the political actions of the young and their involvement in armed conflict; ending war—truth, justice, and the archive; philosophers on the young; Southern Africa
  • lecturers

  • Valeria Procupez


    • Mergenthaler 456
    • Research Interests: Urban studies and theories of space and place; the anthropology of architecture and the built environment; the urban commons; social-movement urban planning and community-sponsored social policy; common ownership and diverse forms of property; labor and political mobilization; subjectivity, domesticity and intimacy; housing, homelessness and squatting; Latin America.
  • Homayra Ziad


    PhD, Islamic Studies, Yale University
    • 410-516-7272
    • Research Interests: history, practice and literature of Islamic spirituality and virtue ethics; philosophical Sufism; Qur'an interpretation; contemporary Islam in the United States; Islam in the Mughal empire; language and subjectivity; religion and the arts; religion and vocation; community-based research; interreligious activism.
  • staff

  • Clarissa Costley

    Budget Specialist

  • Jennifer Hubbard

    Jennifer Hubbard

    Administrative Secretary

  • Alexias Stafilatos (Ebert)

    Academic Program Administrator

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