• faculty

  • Alessandro Angelini

    Assistant Professor

    • Mergenthaler 457
    • Research Interests: urban anthropology, social inequality, capitalism, imagination, play and everyday life, art, craft, political economy, historical ethnography, anthropological method; Latin America, Brazil, Atlantic World
  • Veena Das

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor

    Honorary Doctorates from the University of Bern and Durham University UK; elected to Fellowship of the British Academy (2019)
    • 410-516-0630
    • Mergenthaler 441
    • Research Interests: Everyday life, ethics, anthropology and philosophy, urban transformations, poverty, violence, gender, social suffering, aesthetics, South Asia, Europe
  • Michael Degani

    Assistant Professor

    • 410-516-5482
    • Mergenthaler 458
    • Research Interests: African Studies, Urbanism, Energy and Electrification, Infrastructure, Popular Economies, Socialism and Postsocialism, China-Africa Relations, Anthropology of the State.
  • Niloofar Haeri


    • 410-516-5442
    • Mergenthaler 462
    • Research Interests: Religion, prayer, poetry, ritual, semiotics, presence, gender, voice, vernacularization, translation. Iran, Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Clara Han

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

    • 410-516-2864
    • Mergenthaler 463
    • Research Interests: Violence, care, urban poverty; affliction and illness experience; death and dying; everyday life; ethnography; Latin America; United States; East Asia
  • Naveeda Khan

    Associate Professor

    • 410-516-7274
    • Mergenthaler 460
    • Research Interests: riverine society, nature philosophy and nature in Islamic theology, migration and memory, global warming and everyday life, animal-human relations, framings of the future, national and global climate governance, Bangladesh and Bonn
  • Nicole Labruto

    Assistant Research Professor; Director, Program in Medicine, Science, and the Humanities

    • Mergenthaler 461
    • Research Interests: Agriculture, energy, plant-human relations, science and technology studies, anthropology of sustainability, environmental anthropology, Brazil, Mozambique, Latin America, Africa, Lusophone studies
  • Tom Özden-Schilling

    Assistant Professor

    • 410-516-4690
    • Mergenthaler 459
    • Research Interests: Vocation, precariousness, mobility, Indigeneity, science and technology studies, political ecology, North America, history and philosophy of science, bureaucracy and the state, climate change, simulation, rural anthropology, visual media
  • Anand Pandian

    Professor and Department Chair

    • 410-516-7267
    • Mergenthaler 454
    • Research Interests: Ecological and philosophical anthropology; sensory ethnography and experimental writing; posthumanist and postcolonial criticism; environmental ethics; anthropological method; India, America, Earth
  • Valeria Procupez


    • Mergenthaler 456
    • Research Interests: Urban studies and theories of space and place; the anthropology of architecture and the built environment; the urban commons; social-movement urban planning and community-sponsored social policy; common ownership and diverse forms of property; labor and political mobilization; subjectivity, domesticity and intimacy; housing, homelessness and squatting; Latin America.
  • affiliated faculty

  • Jeremy Greene

    Professor of Medicine, Professor of the History of Medicine, Chair in the History of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    • Research Interests: Biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, media studies, medical anthropology; global health; history of disease/
  • Paola Marrati

    Professor of Humanities, joint appointment in Dept. of Philosophy, Director of the Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

  • Erica J. Schoenberger

    Professor; Department of Geography Environmental Engineering

  • Todd Shepard

    Associate Professor, History, Co-Director, Program in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

  • Elizabeth Tolbert

    Elizabeth Tolbert

    Professor of Musicology, Peabody Institute

  • Bernadette Wegenstein

    Professor of Media Studies; Director, Center for Advanced Media Studies

  • Dimitrios Yatromanolakis

    Associate Professor; Department of Classics

  • post-doctoral fellows

  • Tali Ziv

    Visiting Scholar

  • professors emeriti

  • Jane Guyer

    Academy Professor and George Armstrong Kelly Professor, Anthropology

    • Research Interests: Social and economic anthropology, money and culture, household and gender; West Africa
  • Deborah Poole

    Professor Emerita

    • 410-516-5228
    • Mergenthaler 469
    • Research Interests: Political, legal, environmental, and visual anthropology; anthropology of the state and expertise; visual technologies; photography and racial thought in Latin America; Mexico; Peru
  • Pamela Reynolds

    Professor Emerita

    • Research Interests: Ethnography of children and youth—labor, healing, ethics; state violence; the political actions of the young and their involvement in armed conflict; ending war—truth, justice, and the archive; philosophers on the young; Southern Africa
  • staff

  • Jenny Clarke

    Jenny Clarke

    Administrative Secretary

  • Alexias Stafilatos (Ebert)

    Academic Program Administrator

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