Tali Ziv

Tali Ziv

Postdoctoral Fellow, Addiction, Ethics, and the Social Sciences (AESS)

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Research Interests: Addiction, Medicaid; Urban Poverty; Incarceration; Race And Racialization.

Tali Ziv received her PhD from the Anthropology department at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving certificates in urban studies and Africana studies. Prior to her time at Penn, she received by BA and MPH from the University of Michigan where she designed her own major and course of graduate study in political-economy and global health.

Tali Ziv’s research explores dynamics of care at the intersection of community-based health services and mass incarceration in the United States. She charts the processes, both historical and contemporary, through which care emerges from the political-economic relations that govern racialized, urban inequality. Spanning the fields of Anthropology, Public Health, and Africana Studies, Tali's research attends to the everyday experiences of giving and receiving health services in contexts of addiction, incarceration, and community reentry from jail/prison.