NameField Research LocationDissertationCurrent LocationGraduation Year
Pooja SatyogiIndia"Intimate Public Spaces: Policing 'Domestic Cruelty' in Women's Cells, Delhi"School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, Ambedkar University; Lady Shri Ram College for Women2017
Juan Felipe Moreno GarciaColombia"Living in Times of Fumigation: The Aero-Chemical State in Southwestern Colombia"Chemical Heritage Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellow2017
Maya RatnamIndia"Dwelling in the Forest: nature, Society and Power in Tribal Central India"University of Dehli, Postdoctoral Fellow2017
Bridget KustinBangladeshSaid Business School, Oxford University, Postdoctoral Researcher2017
Megha SehdevIndia"Interim Artifacts of Law: Interruption and Absorption in Indian Domestic Violence Cases"McGill University, Anthropology, Postdoctoral Fellow2017
Caroline BlockUSA"Rabbis, Rabbis, and Maharats: Aspiration, Innovation, and Orthodoxy in American Women's Talmud Programs"Cornell University School of Law2017
Amy KraussMexico"Temporalities of Exception: Abortion Law, Feminist Advocacy, and the Clinical Intervention in Mexico City"Princeton University Global Health Postdoc2016
Serra HakyemezTurkey"Lives and Times of Militancy: Terrorism Trials, State Violence and Kurdish Political Prisoners in Post-1980 Turkey"University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2016
Aditi SarafIndia"Ellipses of Exchange: Freedom, Mobility and the Moral Economy in Kashmir"University of Munich, Postdoctoral Fellow2016
Andrew BrandelGermany"City of Letters: The Making of Literary Life in Berlin"Harvard University, Social Studies2016
Brian TilleyDubai"Ethics of Activity: South Asian Shia Working Life in Dubai"Harvard Business School, Research Associate2016
Bican PolatUSA and Turkey"The Emotional Bond: The Psychiatric Normalization of Early Relationships in Late ModernityUniversity of Michigan, Society of Fellows Postdoctoral Fellow2016
Chitra VenkataramiIndia"Drawn into Life: Mapping, Development, and Ecological Vision in Urban India"National University of Singapore, Sociology2015
Joseph Andrew BushKurdistan"A Threadbare Prayer Mat": Sufi Poetry and the Textures of Everyday Life in Kurdistan"NYU Abu Dhabi2014
Rodney W. SappingtonUSA"Investigating Possibilities and Probabilities of Biomedical Informatics (BMI): Beyond Biology and Information" Acesio2014
Anaid Citlalli Reyes-KippMexico"Adoption Bureaucracies: Expert Knowledge, Documents and Race in the Making of Adoptive Families in Central Mexico" 2014
Vaibhav SariaIndia"The Perfumed Semen: The Labour of Loving In Rural Orissa, India" Postdoctoral Fellow2014
Amrita IbrahimIndia"Truth on Our Lips, India in Our Hearts": Television News, Affective Publics, and the Production of Publicity in Delhi"Georgetown University2013
Anila DaulatzaiAfghanistan"War and What Remains: Everyday Life in Contemporary Kabul, Afghanistan"MICA2013
James R. WilliamsSouth Africa"Nightwatching: Male Migrant Networks and the Sustenance of Brotherhood in Cape Town"Zayed University2013
Neena MahadevSri Lanka"Buddhist Nationalism and Christian Evangelism: Re-articulations of Enmity and Belonging in Postwar Sri Lanka" YaleNUS2013
Andres DapuezMexico"Promissory Prestations: A Yucatec Village Between Ritual Exchange and Development Cash Transfers"National Scientific and Technical Research Council, CONICET2013
Roger BegrichIndia"Obligation, Alcohol, and the Regulation of Adivasi Lives in Jharkhand, India"Research Associate, University of Basel2013
Hester BetlemIndia"When custom is a crime: Law, Life and the Goodness in rural South India"Acturus2012
Thomas CousinsSouth Africa"Labor, Life, and Love in the Timber Plantations of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa"Oxford University2012
Lindsey ReynoldsSouth Africa"Vulnerability, Eligibility, and the "OVC": The local lives of policies and categories in South Africa"Research Associate, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; Brown University, Visiting Scholar Population Studies and Training Center2012
Sylvain PerdigonLebanon"Between the Womb and the Hour: Ethics and Semiotics of Relatedness in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Tyre, Lebanon"American University in Beirut2011
Valeria ProcupezArgentina"The Work of Dwelling: Living Together in Squatter Housing Cooperatives in Buenos Aires (Argentina)"Johns Hopkins University2011
Samantha GottliebUSA"Manufactured Uncertainty: The HPV Vaccine and the Object Multiple"Adjunct Professor, California State University, East Bay2010
Lauren HeidbrinkUSA"Negotiating (il)legality: Unaccompanied Migrant Youth at the Intersection of Family and the State"California State University - Long Beach2010
David SchragGermany"The Object of Bildung: Post-Unification Remainder and the Reforming of German Education"University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, International Forum for U.S. Studies Program Coordinator2010
Abigail Baim-LanceSouth Africa"In-Forming Care: A Study of HIV/AIDS Care-giving Interventions in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa"Institute for Implementation Science in Population Health2010
John Charles Ross ParsonsZimbabwe"Some Day This Will All Be Over: Growing up with HIV in Eastern Urban Zimbabwe"Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe2010
Isaias Rojas-PerezPeru"Fragments of Soul. Law, Transitional Justice and Mourning in Post-war Peru"State University of New Jersey-Newark2010
Sidharthan MaunaguruSri Lanka"Brokering Transnational Marriages:Displacements, Circulations, Futures"Assistant Professor, National University Singapore2010
Todd MeyersUSA"Things Under The Tongue: Pharmacotherapy, Its Intersections And Its Afterlife In Urban America"NYU Shanghai2009
Bhrigupati SinghIndia"Gods and Grains: Lives of desire in Rural Central India"Brown University2009
Christopher KolbUSA"The Lives of Race and Destiny: The Drug War, Nothingness, and the Cultural Violence of Neoliberalism in the Crack Landscape"Spalding University Louisville, KY2009
Young-Gyung PaikKorea"Technologies of 'the Korean Family': Population Crisis and the Politics of Reproduction in Contemporary South Korea"Korea Nattional Open University2009
Don SelbyThailand"The Politics and Morality of Human Rights in Thailand"College of Staten Island, CUNY2009
Simone TaubenbergerIndia"Exam Time: Educational Distress
Psychological Intervention and the Middle
Classes in Post Liberalization Delhi"
New England Research Institutes, Inc.2008
Sameena MullaUSA"The Institutionalization of Suffering: Time and Technique In Legal and Medical Sexual Assault Interventions in Baltimore Maryland"Marquette University, Wisconsin2008
Boris NikolovEgypt"Care of the Poor and Ecclesiastical Government: An Ethnography of the Social Services of the coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo, Egypt"Towson University2008
Anna FournierUkraine"Between Freedom and Order:
Citizenship, Education, and the Quest for
Rights in Ukraine"
University of Manitoba, Canada2007
Richard BaxstromMalaysia"Wrecking Balls, Recognition, Reform: The Ambivalent Experience of Law, Justice and Place in Ureban Malaysia"The University of Edinburgh2006
Hussein AgramaEgypt"Law Courts and Fatwa Councils in Modern Egypt: An Ethnography of Islamic Legal Practice"University of Chicago2005
Mulki Al-SharmaniEgypt"Refugees & Citizens: The Somali Diaspora in Cairo"The American University in Cairo2004
Aaron GoodfellowUSA"Inqueeries": Tracing the Reproduction Legacies of Gay Men"Independent Scholar2003
George BacaUSA"The Culture of Post-Civil Rights Racial Politics in a Southern Military Town"Dong-A University, South Korea and John Jay College, City University of New York2003
Bettina Ng'wenoColumbia"The State of Question: Afro-Colombians, Ethnic Territories and Governing in the Andes"University of California, Davis2002
Carlota McAllisterGuatemala"Good People: Revolution, Community, and Concienia in a Maya-K'iche' Village in Guatemala"York University2002
Eric RiceBrazil"Freezing Culture in the Tropics: Racing Resistance in Bahian Candombl" Johns Hopkins University2002
Espelencia BaptisteMauritius"The nation deferred: Language, ethnicity and the reproduction of social inequalities in Mauritian primary schools"Kalamazoo College2002
Frederick KlaitsBotswana"Housing the Spirit, Hearing the Voice: Care, Kinship, and Faith in Botswana during the time of AIDS"University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill2001
Iveris MartinezUSA"Aging in Exile: Mental Health, Family, and the Meanings of History for Cuban Elders in South Florida"Johns Hopkins University2001
Wendy WalkerMadagascar"Defending the Environment, Conserving Social Life: Global Visions & Local Values in South Madagascar"World Bank2001
Christine Du BoisUSA"Race, Ethnicity, and Mass Media: Identities and Concerns About Reputation Among Chesapeake-Area West Indians"Johns Hopkins University2000
Elizabeth FerryMexico"Veins of Value: Patrimony and the Reproduction of Power in a Mexican Mining Cooperative"Brandeis University2000
Hanan SabeaTanzania"Moments and Processes: Redefining The Building of a new Society in Tanzania"University of Virginia2000
Jason AntrosioColumbia"Todo Moderno: Appropriations of Modernization in the Columbian Andes"Hartwick2000
Paul NadasdyCanada"Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and the Restructuring of Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon, Canada"Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison2000
Sarah HillUSA, Mexico"Domesticated Responsibility: The Making of the US-Mexico Border Environment"Western Michigan University2000
Wendy RichardsonCanada"Reproducing the Nation: Motherhood In 20th Century Quebec" 2000
Charles HirschkindEgypt"Technologies of Islamic Piety: Cassette-Sermons and the Ethics of Listening"University of California, Berkeley1999
Christopher McIntyreSpain"The Spatial Control of Meaning through the Mapping and Marketing of Patrimony In Catalonia, Spain" 1999
Roger MagazineMexico"Stateless Contexts: Street Children and Soccer Fans in Mexico City"Universidad Iberoamericana1999
Rosana GuberArgentina"From chicos to veteranos: Argentine Uses of Memory and the Nation in the Making of Malvinas Postwar Identities"IDES1999
Elizabeth DunnPoland"Privatization and Personhood: Transforming Work in Postsocialist Poland"University of Colorado1998
Ella RayJamaica"Standing in the Lion's Shadow: Jamaican Rastafari Women Reconstructing Their African Identity"Denver Museum of Nature & Science1998
Monica Schoch-SpanaUSA"Reactor Control and Environmental Management: A Cultural Account of Agency in the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex"UPMC CTR for Biosecurity1998
Pamela BallingerItaly, Slovenia, Croatia"Submerged Politics, Exiled Memory and Identity at the Borders of the Balkans"Bowdoin College1998
Kamran AliEgypt"Regulating Bodies, Organizing Selves: Planning the Family in Egypt"University of Texas, Austin1997
Karen-Sue TaussigThe Netherlands"Normal and Ordinary: Human Genetics and the Production of Dutch Identities"University of Minnesota1997
Laura OaksUSA"Expert & Everyday Perceptions of Prenatal Health Risks: An Ethnography Of Cigarette Smoking & Fetal Politics In the U.S."University of California Santa Barbara1997
Peri FletcherMexico & USA"La Casa de Mis Suenos: Migration and Houses in a Transnational Mexican Community"Univ. of California, Davis1997
Sarah HautzingerBrazil"Lady Cops, Machos, and Battered Women in Brazil: Women's Police Stations Criminalizing Spousal Violence"Colorado College1997
Bjorn ClaesonUSA"The System Feeds on Us: An Ethnography of Poor People and Elites in a New England City"Sweatfree Communities1996
Erik MuegglerChina, Yunnan Province"Specters of Power: Ritual and Politics in an Yi Community"University of Michigan1996
Felicity NorthcottUSA"Acting in a Manner Not Usual for Law-Abiding Individuals: Constructing Homelessness in Baltimore"ISS-USA1996
Vineeta SinhaSingapore"Theorizing the Complex Singapore Health Scene: Reconceptualizing 'Medical Pluralism'"National Univ. of Singapore1996
Zong-cheng LinPeople's Republic of China"Shuikou in Relocation: Capital-Intensive Scheme and Cultural Adaptation to Involuntary Resettlement in the Min River Basin"World Bank1996
Lanfranco BlanchettiPhilippines"Sea Harvesters, Traders and Corporations: Local and Global Dynamics in the World Seaweed-Carrageenan Economy"Asian Development Bank1995
Ananta GiriIndia & USA"In the Margins of Shacks: The Vision And Practice of Habitat for Humanity"Madras Institute of Development Studies1994
Viranjini MunasingheTrinidad"Calaloo or Tossed Salad? East Indians and National Identity in Trinidad"Cornell University1994
Catharine GoodMexico"Work & Exchange in Nahuati Society: Lost Values and the Dynamics of an Indigenous Economy"Escuela Nacional de Anthropologia y Historia1993
Diane DorfmanChina"Spirits of Reform: Power, Wealth, & Morality in Northeastern Rural China"NWREL, Portland1993
Susan BremsBrazil"Caretakers of Blood: Fertility Transition in Rural Northeast Brazil"American Embassy USAID1993
Samuel MartinezHaiti"Labor Circulation and Peasant Social Reproduction: Haitian Migrants and Dominican Republic Sugar Plantations"University of Connecticut1991
Charles RutheiserBelize"Culture, Schooling, and Neocolonialism in Belize"Annie E. Casey Foundation1990
Kenneth BilbyFrench Guyana"The Remaking of the Aluku: Culture, Politics, and Maroon Ethnicity in French South America"Ctr for Folklife Programs & Cultural Studies1990
Rebecca BatemanUSA"The Oklahoma Seminole and Racial Politics"Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University1990
Gertrude FraserVirginia"Afro-American Midwives, Biomedicine And the State: And Ethnohistorical Account of Birth and its Transformation In Rural Virginia"University of Virginia1989
Lucía DesirProvidencia"Between Loyalties: Racial, Ethnic & 'National' Identity in Providencia, Columbia"Mercy College1989
Pamela Feldman-SavelsbergCameroon"Then We Were Many": Bangangté Women's Conceptions of Health, Fertility, and Social Change in a Bamiléké Chiefdom, Cameroon"Carleton College1989
Deborah HeathSenegal"The Politics of Signifying Practice in Kaolack, Senegal: Hegemony and the Dialectic of Autonomy and Domination"Lewis and Clark College1988
Ira LowenthalHaiti"Marriage is 20, Children are 21: The Cultural Construction of Conjugality And the family in Rural Haiti"America's Development Foundation, Haiti1987
Laura BentonSpain"The Role of the Informal Sector in Economic Development: Industrial Restructuring in Spain"New York University1986
Patricia Torres-MejiaPhilippines"Before Smoking. Social Relations Involved in Tobacco Production in a Philippine Setting"University of Ibero Americana1986
Deborah CaroBolivia"Those Who Divide Us: Resistance & Change Among Pastoral Ayllus in Ulla Ulla, Bolivia"Cultural Practice LLC1985
Deborah RubinTanzania"People of Good Heart: Rural Response to Economic Crisis in Tanzania"Cultural Practice LLC1985
Jeanne HamiltonColombia"Women in Movement: The Expansion of Education in Urban Columbia, 1950-1980" 1985
Alice IngersonPortugal"Corporatism and Class Consciousness in Northwestern Portugal"Applied History for Land Conservation & Urban Planning1984
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Scott GuggenheimPhilippines"Proletarianization and Political Change in the Northern Phillipines"World Bank, Indonesia1984
Brackette WilliamsGuyana"Cockalorums in Search of Cockaigne: Social Interaction, Status Competition, and ritual in a Rural Guyanese Community"Assistant Professor, University of Arizona1983
Claire WolfowitzSuriname"Styles of Speech in Suriname-Javanese"Jakarta, Indonesian Embassy1983
Eugene GalbraithBrazil"Facets of Social Experience: Household, Family, and Compadrio In a Northeast Brazilian Community"Hoare-Govett, Indonesia1983
Paul SullivanMexico"Contemporary Yucatec Maya Apocalyptic Prophecy: The Ethnographic and Historical Context"Independent Scholar1983
Trevor PurcellCosta Rica"Conformity and Dissension: Social Inequality, Values and Mobility Among West Indian Migrants in Limon, Costa Rica"University of South Florida1982
Charles CarnegieSt. Lucia"Human Maneuver, Option-Building, & Trade: An Essay on Caribbean Social Organization"Bates College1981
Ewa HauserRhode Island"Ethnicity and Class Consciousness in a Polish American Community"University of Rochester1981
Gary McDonoghSpain"Good Families: A Social History of Power in Industrial Barcelona"Bryn Mawr College1981
Sally PriceSuriname"Women and Art in an Afro-American Society"William & Mary College1981
Donald BillingsleyCayor"Groundnut "Cooperatives and Social Change in Cayor"Bonas MacFarlane, US Consultant1980
Robert WellerTaiwan"Unity and Diversity in Chinese Religious Ideology"Boston University1980