Graduate Students

  • Burge Abiral

    Research Interests: Human-environment relations, multispecies ethonography, food studies, agriculture, land and labor, natural resource extraction, political mobilization, Turkey, Europe, Middle East.

  • Nathaniel Adams

    Research Interests: South and Southeast Asia, anthropology of development, agrarian studies, human-environment interaction, knowledge systems, indigeniety, place and landscapes.

  • Elmirasadat Alihosseini

    Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Middle East, Iran, anthropology of gender and sexuality, anthropology of reproduction, population politics, demographic transition, Islamic bioethics, bio-politics, anthropology of the state.

  • Ghazal Asif

    Research Interests: Intimacy, gender, religious identities, literatures, urban publics and humor, South Asia (Pakistan).

  • Swayam Bagaria

    Research Interests: South Asia, religion and violence, temple trust networks, labor service and servitude, critique in philosophy and anthropology.

  • Mariam Banahi

    Research Interests: Afghanistan and Germany, kinship and migration, war, trauma, death and the dead.

  • Onder Celik

    Research Interests: Treasure hunting, magic and the occult, archaeology of the contemporary, Turkey.

  • Sruti Chaganti

  • Mikaela Chase

    Research Interests: South Asia, India, biopolitics, law, suicide, death and dying, palliative and end of life care, asceticism, Jainism, gender, secularity.

  • Marios Falaris

    Research Interests: Precarity, migration, home and homelessness, hospitality, violence, South Asia

  • Zeynel Gul

    Research Interests: Medical anthropology, law, occupational and environmental health, injury, labor, toxicity, work-place accidents, Turkey, Europe, Middle East

  • Fouad Halbouni

  • Gregoire Hervouet-Zeiber

    Research Interests: Anthropology of science and medicine, biology, psychiatry, Russia and the Soviet Union, violence, PTSD.

  • Heba Islam

    Research Interests: Militarization, securitization, urban socialities, War on Terror, urban infrastructure, South Asia, Pakistan.

  • Kunal Joshi

  • Talia Katz

    Research Interests: Sexuality and nationalism, forced displacement and migration, postcolonial and transnational feminist theory, gender studies, anthropology of the state, East Africa, Horn of Africa

  • Sanaullah Khan

    Research Interests: Non-human agency, landscape and temporality, memory, illness and disease, violence, ethics, everyday, silence, medical technologies and militarization.

  • Sojung Kim

    Research Interests: Violence, gender, ethics, everyday life, Partition of Korea, migration, anthropology of the state, anthropology and philosophy, East Asia.

  • Paul Kohlbry

    Research Interests: Israel/Palestine, settler colonialism, private property, capitalism, land registration, political economy.

  • Victor Kumar

    Research Interests: Healing practices, United States, acupuncture, diagnostics, touch, empathy, illness, the self, Chinese medicine.

  • Zeeshan Mahmud

    Research Interests: Anthropology of literary philosophy and citizenship, gender and development, modern warfare, minority histories and rights, constitutional development, Pakistan, British India and the United States.

  • Emma McGlennen

    Research Interests: West Africa and North Africa, anthropology of Islam, Sufism, pilgrimage economy, oral tradition, gender and sexuality, law, sovereignty, migration, ethics.

  • Benita M. Menezes

    Research Interests: South Asia, India, infrastructure, political economy of land, sociology of law, moral economy, precarity.

  • Basab Mullik

  • Sumin Myung

    Research Interests: Ecological & environmental anthropology, anthropological STS, history of science and technology, the field sciences, ideas of nature, plant and forest, anthropogenic ecologies and landscapes, apprenticeship, philosophical anthropology, futurity, the two Koreas, East Asia.

  • David Platzer

    David Platzer

    Research Interests: Autism, technology, social entrepreneurship, medical anthropology, philosophical anthropology.

  • Sarah Roth

    Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Cancer Genetics and Genomics, Narratives of Care, Gender and Sexuality, Ethnographic Writing, United States.

  • Arpan Roy

    Research Interests: Kinship, structuralism/post-structuralism, Islam, psychoanalysis, language, Israel/Palestine, Romani people.

  • Thomas Thornton

    Research Interests: Christianity, incarceration and reentry, US studies (US South), the body and its practices, ethics, race, semiotics.

  • Anna Wherry