Graduate Students

  • Burge Abiral

    Burge Abiral

    Research Interests:  Human-environment relations, multispecies ethonography, food studies, agriculture, land and labor, natural resource extraction, political mobilization, Turkey, Europe, Middle East.

  • Nathaniel Adams

    Nathaniel Adams

    Research Interests:  environmental justice, sustainability policy and praxis, urban political ecology, care and maintenance, public space, work and labor, engaged anthropology, Baltimore

  • Omotayo Adekunle Adenugba

    Omotayo Adekunle Adenugba

    Research Interests:  Anthropogenic activities, Crude oil mining in Southern Nigeria, Environmental disasters, Humanitarian interventions, Sustainability studies and Environmental policy.

  • Julia Alves da Costa

    Julia Alves da Costa

    Research Interests:  Brazil, environmental disasters, petroleum industry, human and non-human relationships, communication, cybernetics, climate change.

  • Rini Barman

    Rini Barman

    Research Interests:  Anthropology of traditional brews, North-East India, Assam, Folklore, Fermentation, Climate Change, Ecology and morphology of textiles, Gender and sexuality, Ornaments and totems, native literatures, Politics of ethnicity, South Asia.

  • Kaushal Bodwal

    Kaushal Bodwal

    Research Interests:  working on inquiries of production, resistance, and breakdown of gender binary. Genealogically tracing the (gendered) development of medicine and medical care for intersex persons, both, in India and the US.

  • Yuyi Chen

    Yuyi Chen

    Research Interests:  mental illness, ethics, care, language and culture, media and technology, China

  • Sophie D’Anieri

    Sophie D’Anieri

    Research Interests:  Agricultural labor, food economies, toxicity, environmental imaginaries, world-making, the everyday, sensory ethnography, ethnography and fiction, North and Central America.

  • Marios Falaris

    Marios Falaris

    Research Interests:  Self and relations, modalities of everyday life, intimacy, affect, temporality, violence, listening practices, South Asia

  • Heba Islam

    Heba Islam

    Research Interests:  Militarization, securitization, urban socialities, War on Terror, urban infrastructure, South Asia, Pakistan.

  • Yida Jiao

    Yida Jiao

    Research Interests:  Political economy, Development, Special Economic Zone, Post-socialism, Neoliberalism, Global capital, Belt and Road Initiative, Bureaucracy, Sovereignty, Labor, Economic imagination, Religion, Ethnographic film, Soviet Union, Central Asia, China.

  • Jonas Stark Johnson

    Jonas Stark Johnson

    Research Interests:  Craft, Online Communities, Gun Ownership and Gunsmithing, Self Defense Subcultures, Political and Legal Anthropology, Race and Gender, Media Studies, United States (American South)

  • Kunal Joshi

    Kunal Joshi

  • Talia Katz

    Talia Katz

    Research Interests:  trauma, violence, subjectivity, history of psychiatry and psychodrama, ethics, aesthetics, gender, migration, medical humanities, Israel, Middle East

  • Sojung Kim

    Sojung Kim

    Research Interests:  Violence, gender, ethics, everyday life, Partition of Korea, migration, anthropology of the state, anthropology and philosophy, East Asia.

  • Youjoung (Yuna) Kim

    Youjoung (Yuna) Kim (she/her/hers)

    Research Interests:  Violence, Kinship, History, Law, Bureaucracy, Gender, Memory, Transitional Justice, Archive, Jeju 4.3, East Asia

  • Sasha Kramer

    Sasha Kramer

    Research Interests:  are human-environment relations, multispecies ethnography, the green burial movement, death, mourning, memorialization, placemaking, conservation projects, religion and spirituality, USA.

  • Siwon Lee

    Siwon Lee

    Research Interests:  Ethics, relationship, kinship, violence and ethics, violence and power, political process, temporality

  • Perry Maddox

    Perry Maddox

    Research Interests:  New agrarian movements, multispecies ethnography, the everyday, experimentation/improvisation, climate change, extractivism, North and Central America

  • Tushar Mehta

    Tushar Mehta

    Research Interests:  Digital bureaucracy, India, governmentality, science and technology studies.

  • Benita M. Menezes

    Research Interests:  South Asia, India, infrastructure, political economy of land, sociology of law, moral economy, precarity.

  • Sumin Myung

    Sumin Myung

    Research Interests:  Ecological & environmental anthropology, anthropological STS, history of science and technology, the field sciences, ideas of nature, plant and forest, anthropogenic ecologies and landscapes, apprenticeship, philosophical anthropology, futurity, the two Koreas, East Asia.

  • Debra Phelps

  • Sarah Roth

    Sarah Roth

    Research Interests:  Medical Anthropology, Cancer Genetics and Genomics, Narratives of Care, Gender and Sexuality, Ethnographic Writing, United States.

  • Alaa Amr Saad

    Alaa Amr Saad

    Research Interests:  political economy, historical anthropology, temporality, memory, infrastructure, museumification, labor economies, movement-making, improvisational practices, city-making, ethnography, archives, creative writing.

  • Fernando Lopez Vega

    Fernando Lopez Vega

  • Anna Wherry

    Anna Wherry