Fall Newsletter and Department Highlights

Fall Newsletter and Department Highlights

The Department of Anthropology is beginning a newsletters for students, faculty, and affiliates. You should receive the newsletter by email each semester. The newsletter includes department information, new grad student and faculty profiles, and more, including this profile of one of our new faculty members, Aja Lans. Read the full October 2023 newsletter.

The newsletter written and compiled by Andrea Villacona, JHU Anthropology Department Work Study Student.

New Faculty Spotlight: Aja Lans, Assistant Professor

Aja Lans

In one sentence, please describe your research or areas of interest.

Integrating black feminist theory with bio-archeology.

Do you currently work cross functionally with any other departments at JHU?

Yes, I work with Anthropology and the Center for Africana Studies.

What initially drew you to Hopkins?

When I was applying to jobs, this job specifically was through the Center for Africana Studies. If I was going to keep doing the work that I do, which is a lot of times very stressful and emotional,  I can’t be in a department where I am constantly explaining things black people already know to my colleagues. So I was like, if I’m going to keep doing this, then I at least want to be in a department and university where I’m not doing that with my colleagues. This department in particular has a lot of activist anthropologists & really informed folks. & being part of the Center for Africana studies meant I was not just a diversity hire.

Is there anything you would like to share with the rest of the Anthropology Department?

My dogs are my children, they are all I care about. I work so that my dogs can have a good life so tell your dog I said hi. & send food recs my way!