Graduate Students

  • Burge Abiral

    Research Interests: Human-environment relations, multispecies ethonography, food studies, agriculture, land and labor, natural resource extraction, political mobilization, Turkey, Europe, Middle East.

  • Nathaniel Adams

    Research Interests: South and Southeast Asia, anthropology of development, agrarian studies, human-environment interaction, knowledge systems, indigeniety, place and landscapes.

  • Elmirasadat Alihosseini

    Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Middle East, Iran, anthropology of gender and sexuality, anthropology of reproduction, population politics, demographic transition, Islamic bioethics, bio-politics, anthropology of the state.

  • Ghazal Asif

    Research Interests: Intimacy, gender, religious identities, literatures, urban publics and humor, South Asia (Pakistan).

  • Swayam Bagaria

    Research Interests: South Asia, religion and violence, temple trust networks, labor service and servitude, critique in philosophy and anthropology.

  • Mariam Banahi

    Research Interests: Afghanistan and Germany, kinship and migration, war, trauma, death and the dead.

  • Onder Celik

    Research Interests: Treasure hunting, magic and the occult, archaeology of the contemporary, Turkey.

  • Sruti Chaganti

  • Mikaela Chase

    Research Interests: Medical anthropology, South Asia, India, biopolitics, law, death and dying, palliative and end of life care, asceticism, Jainism, gender, secularity.

  • Marios Falaris

    Research Interests: Precarity, migration, home and homelessness, hospitality, violence, South Asia

  • Zeynel Gul

  • Fouad Halbouni

  • Gregoire Hervouet-Zeiber

    Research Interests: Anthropology of science and medicine, biology, psychiatry, Russia and the Soviet Union, violence, PTSD.

  • Heba Islam

    Research Interests: Militarization, securitization, urban socialities, War on Terror, urban infrastructure, South Asia, Pakistan.

  • Kunal Joshi

  • Paul Kohlbry

    Research Interests: Israel/Palestine, settler colonialism, private property, capitalism, land registration, political economy.

  • Victor Kumar

    Research Interests: Healing practices, United States, acupuncture, diagnostics, touch, empathy, illness, the self, Chinese medicine.

  • Bridget Kustin

    Research Interests: Islamic finance, poor economics, development, economic risk, accounting, eschatology, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bay of Bengal nationalisms, religions, and borders.

  • Zeeshan Mahmud

    Research Interests: Anthropology of literary philosophy and citizenship, gender and development, modern warfare, minority histories and rights, constitutional development, Pakistan, British India and the United States.

  • Emma McGlennen

    Research Interests: West Africa and North Africa, anthropology of Islam, Sufism, pilgrimage economy, oral tradition, gender and sexuality, law, sovereignty, migration, ethics.

  • Benita M. Menezes

    Research Interests: South Asia, India, infrastructure, political economy of land, sociology of law, moral economy, precarity.

  • Basab Mullik

  • Sumin Myung

    Research Interests: Ecological & environmental Anthropology, moral ecology, forest, ideas of nature, politics and history of ideas, place, island, the two Koreas, East Asia.

  • David Platzer

    David Platzer

    Research Interests: Autism, technology, social entrepreneurship, medical anthropology, philosophical anthropology.

  • Maya Ratnam

    Research Interests: Human-environment relationships, South Asia, anthropology and ecology. Indigeneity, landscapes, and place-making; the poligics of land and forest access; non-human ontologies; climate change and the anthropocene; ordinary ethics, aethetics and performance.

  • Sarah Roth

    Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Cancer Genetics and Genomics, Narratives of Care, Gender and Sexuality, Ethnographic Writing, United States.

  • Arpan Roy

    Research Interests: Kinship, political community, structuralism/post-structuralism, psychoanalysis, language, literature, Israel/Palestine, Romani people.

  • Pooja Satyogi

  • Megha Sehdev

  • Mac Skelton

    Research Interests: Iraq, Lebanon, Movement, War, Illness, Care, Palliation, Narrative, Pilgrimage.

  • Thomas Thornton

    Research Interests: Christianity, incarceration and reentry, US studies (US South), the body and its practices, ethics, race, semiotics.

  • Patricia Madariaga Villegas

    Research Interests: Urban marginality, ordinary ethics, healthcare, gender, biopolitics.

  • Anna Wherry