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Undergraduate Program

The Minor in WGS enables undergraduates to devote a portion of their education to the study of women, gender, sexuality, and related issues.  Open to students in any department, the Minor aims to help integrate work undertaken across a broad range of offerings in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and engineering.  Through both interdisciplinary and specialized course, students are encouraged to develop critical and comparative approaches to the study of gender and associated topics.

Students can receive a minor in WGS by:

Completing six one-semester courses that will be cross-listed from various disciplines.

The following three courses will be offered every year:

  • Introduction to Feminist and Queer Theory
  • Invitation to Topics in Health, Gender and Sexuality
  • A course to be taught on the subject of Religion and Sexuality

A freshmen seminar will be taught by a graduate student awarded, a Prize Teaching Fellowship.  The course will be based on topics of the students dissertation research. A Minor in WGS is encouraged to take these seminars.

Students may also take a summer research or a practicum to be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member. Credit will be awarded for this, and grants may also be provided. The internship-practicum is intended to combine academic work with volunteer experience to students who plan careers in the advocacy professions.



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Program for the Study of
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