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The Program for The Study of Women,
Gender, and Sexuality

The program's goal is to advance the following aims:

  • To develop an appropriate pedagogy that is interdisciplinary in orientation and to train students who can deploy the conceptual frames of disciplines in a meaningful way, in order to enhance their understanding of women, gender and sexuality;
  • To encourage students to gain practical experience issues pertaining to the lives of women and of sexual minorities in all their diversity by developing and participating in field projects;
  • To create a new body of interdisciplinary research that specifically address issues of gender in relation to class, ethnicity and race in everyday life, in political organization and in situations of violent conflict;
  • To build supportive environments for women and sexual minorities by incorporating and disseminating their contributions through training and research, and to provide opportunities for students in low-income countries to develop expertise in these fields within agendas set in their own intellectual and social environments.

Our site is updated continuously with information regarding the WGS program, lectures, fellowships, and other news and activities.


Notes of Interest - SPRING 2015



Program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality


Spring 2015


The Violence of Care: Rape Victims, Forensic Nurses, and Sexual Assault Intervention



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Katrin Pahl & Todd Shepard
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Program for the Study of
Women, Gender, and Sexuality

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