Recent Graduates

  • Caroline Block

  • Andrew Brandel

    Research Interests:  Anthropology of intellectuals, literary culture, reading and writing publics, ethnography of art, philosophical anthropology, politics of language, cultural production, everyday life of the city, movement of ideas, Romanticism, Germany.

  • Serra Hakyemez

    Research Interests:  Anthropology of law, archive and memory, surveillance and documentary technologies, ethnography of court trials, state violence, War on Terror, the Kurdish freedom movement, Turkey, the Middle East.

  • Amy Krauss

    Research Interests:  Mexico City, law, healthcare and marginality, reproductive technologies and politics, gender, sexuality, feminist movements and organization.

  • Bridget Kustin

    Research Interests:  Islamic finance, poor economics, development, economic risk, accounting, eschatology, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bay of Bengal nationalisms, religions, and borders.

  • Juan Felipe Moreno

    Research Interests:  Anthropology of the state, economic anthropology, the war on drugs, agriculture, chemical pollution, southern Colombia.

  • Aditi Saraf

  • Pooja Satyogi

  • Megha Sehdev

  • Brian Tilley